Previous Exhibitors - December 2021


Handmade Silver Jewellery and Enamel Panels

Maker and tutor in Silver and Enamel I have enjoyed nearly thirty years of experimenting and making handmade unique pieces.
The Garden Studio, No. 3 Grange Park, Frenchay, BS16 2SZ

Hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery. Material animal doorstops

I make wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery in my garden studio in Frenchay. My unique designs and glazing are influenced by nature and my garden. I enjoy giving Taster Sessions for those who like getting their hands in clay and need a bit of therapy.

Profits from sales go to Cancer Research UK.

The Garden Studio, No.3 Grange Park, Frenchay, BS16 2SZ

Fun, functional, affordable macramé and more

Hi, creating fun, functional, eco-friendly macramé and baked clay jewellery is our passion. Supporting local charities, we repurpose wood, beads, plastic pots to create unique hanging shelves, jewellery, wall art, plant hangers. Bespoke orders are most welcome.
The Garden Studio, 3 Grange Park, Frenchay, BS16 2SZ

CeCe's Bags

Handmade material present bags

I make attractive present bags for all occasions, in many different sizes that can be repurposed after you have given them with your present. I also enjoy quilting.
The proceeds from sales of my work go to St Peters Hospice.
The Garden Studio, No.3 Grange Park, Frenchay, BS16 2SZ

GROW WILDER - FRENCHAY (Avon Wildlife stalls on Saturday)

Mexican handcrafts, homeware, pottery, textiles & accessories

Here at Kuxtal you will find handcraft products, crafted using traditional techniques; weaving, spinning, embroidery, pottery that are practiced in rural communities. Each community has its distinctive style and technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.
GROW WILDER, 181 Frenchay Park Road, BS16 1HB

Organic Fairtrade Cotton Charity bags, each comes with Wildflower seeds

Hand drawn printed on Organic and Fairtrade cotton lifestyle products which ALL come with 100% Wildflower Seeds 10% of profit goes to charity.
GROW WILDER, 181 Frenchay Park Road, BS16 1HB

Viking Jewellery, & Handmade Leather Goods

Bristol based designer & maker of viking jewellery, & traditionally handcrafted leather gifts.
GROW WILDER, 181 Frenchay Park Road, BS16 1HB

Gift vouchers for a Bowen Therapy treatment

The Bowen Technique is a gentle hands-on holistic therapy that involves stretching the soft tissues to promote pain relief. Also known as Bowen Therapy, it can facilitate the treatment of a wide range of complaints, including back problems, sciatica, migraines, injury recovery, shoulder and neck restrictions, postural misalignment, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Treat someone you love to a one hour session including a consultation and full body treatment. I can support you and your dear ones in your journey towards healing and wellness.
GROW WILDER, 181 Frenchay Park Road, BS16 1HB


Maker specialising in ceramic sculptures, creating organic abstract forms and vessels

Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Handcrafted ceramic tableware and homeware

"Naomi Stokes is a ceramic artist based at Ridgeway Studios, Bristol. Since graduating her Fine Art degree, Naomi has been pursuing her love of clay on the potter's wheel. Naomi believes being a ceramicist is not unlike being a painter, an alchemist, a sculptor and a storyteller. Working with clay allows limitless potential. Naomi predominantly works with stoneware clay which she wheel throws into functional and decorative pieces. Her works take great inspiration from the simplicity of form, considering every surface and curve. The resulting pieces often fit very delicately within a hand, and are always a delight to use.

Naomi's earthy glaze palette is chosen to compliment her simplistic forms, and further her contemporary approach to everyday objects."
Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Handprinted Fine art prints inspired by the natural world

"Steph uses traditional, hand-printed methods to make intriguing and tactile prints full of depth and texture. Steph's work is inspired by her sense of awe and wonder at the beauty and complexity of nature. Every print is unique and hand-made in her studio in Bristol."

Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Affordable, unusual handmade cards, gifts and treats

Intricate tiny worlds in glass bottles and half walnut shells, matchbox treasures, mutant toys and loads of other great stuff. Lucy's work asks you to look again at the overlooked, to smile at the oddness hidden amongst the everyday.
Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Prints, paintings, mixed media

Catherine Williams trained at UWE completing both a BA Hons Fine Art degree in 1997 and then a Master's degree in printmaking in 2000. She started her career that year with a two-man show at The Rostra Gallery in Bath. Since then she has been creating etchings and paintings inspired by the landscape and the surrounding world, selling through galleries and art fairs nationwide.
Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Lucy Cheminais Ceramics

Lucy Cheminais is a ceramicist based at Ridgeway Studios in Fishponds.  Lucy's inspiration for her work is rooted in her love for Scandinavian design and art, natural forms, gentle lines and the hazy transition of summer into autumn.  With her decorative and functional pieces, Lucy enjoys the interaction between the muted tones of Shino and Celadon, finding insight from the history of those glazes.
Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Handmade functional ceramics

I make handmade functional ceramics specialising in tableware and home décor such as mugs, dinner sets, oil burners and plant pots. Everything is thrown on a pottery wheel and finished with a range of rich, versatile glazes that are inspired by landscapes in nature often focusing on blues and greens.
Ridgeway Studios, 46b Ridgeway Road, BS16 3EA

Bristol-based ceramic artist

I’m a ceramicist and illustrator from Bristol. I love folklore, mythology, 70s prints and the colour green. After using various hand-building techniques I build up the surface of my pottery using different slips, glazes and oxide.
30 Thingwall Park, Fishponds, BS16 2AE

Wheat bags, eye pillows, palo santo, smudge pots, candles and candle holders

We are a small business based in Bristol, and have been trading since November 2020. We make and sell products designed to bring comfort, enhance well-being, and look beautiful. Our main ethos is portable comfort: you can take our products with you wherever you go.
36 Thingwall Park, Eastville, BS16 2AE

Hand crafted silver jewellery

I’ve always loved wearing silver jewellery but it is only in recent years that I discovered the joy of making it myself. All my jewellery is handcrafted using traditional silversmith techniques and my designs often incorporate coloured resin or texture. On my stall you will find many contemporary and easy to wear designs at affordable prices.
70 Thingwall Park, Fishponds, BS16 2AN

Handmade African print lamp/ceiling shades with a selection of cushion covers

Vibrant colourful lampshades and a selection of matching cushion covers with concealed zip, hand finished to a fine standard. The outer layers are made from 100% African influenced enriched print. The laminated PVC inner lining and frame meet UK and European safety standards.
Brighten and uplift a neutral room with this vibrant colour and give your room a fresh and cultured touch.
75 Thingwall Park, Fishponds, BS16 2AL

Stone Carving, Woodwork and metalwork using recycled materials

Hand-made gifts or decorations recycled from wood, metal and stone. Stone carved moon gazing hares garden ornaments oak trivets/placemats garden benches tables and wood art ready to be purchased on day or commissions or orders are taken.
Please email for further details.
54 Brook Road, Fishponds, BS16 3SL

Happy and colourful Terrazzo and Ceramics

I love playing with surface design, intense colour, and tactile textures. I create coasters using a terrazzo technique - bright flecks of colour embedded in smooth concrete-like jesmonite.
31 Forest Road, Fishponds, BS16 4BP

Acrylic fluid art & jewellery

Hi, my name is Natalie, I’ve lived in Fishponds for about 25 years. I produce acrylic fluid art on canvas. I also make wearable art in the form of jewellery. I also produce accessories such as key rings, fridge magnets, hair slides and coasters.
145 Forest Road, Fishponds, BS16 3ST

Colourful original mixed media paintings, prints and cards

I am a fine art painter and printmaker based in Bristol. I love colour, pattern, texture and experimental mixed media.
2 Chatsworth Road, Fishponds, BS16 3QR

Hand-drawn illustrations, prints, stickers & greeting cards

"Hi, I’m Gina and I am an artist and illustrator who creates both hand-drawn pieces of art and digital illustrations. My style is mostly based on working with fine liners, inks and watercolours to create botanical, abstract illustrations full of pattern and texture. These often feature natural forms such as coral, fish and birds.
I currently have a range of affordable original framed or unframed artwork, prints, stickers, greetings cards, Christmas cards and Christmas decorations available."
2 Chatsworth Road, Fishponds, BS16 3QR

Paintings, Gifts, Xmas Decorations and Hand Thrown Pots

Hi, I'm a local artist selling my art for over the last 20 years, I have some local park scenes of Snuff Mills, Vassels and Oldbury Court, as well as some of Bristol. I also have some hand-painted gifts and Christmas decorations.
20 Lambrook Road, Fishponds BS16 2EZ

Fused glass art

Welcome to Blue Phoenix Glass. I love fusing sharp sheet glass in beautiful colours together seeing their shapes and hues change in my kiln, to create objects that catch the light and bring a little joy. All my pieces are made with love and care in my little blue garden studio.
8 Everest Road, Fishponds, BS16 2BX

A selection of photographic prints and cards by Elemy Photography, plus unique upcycled coffee tables by Blosso

Following the BSpoke16 trail in previous years has inspired me to focus on creative projects and this year I am very excited to be exhibiting for the first time. I am a keen photographer who will be selling a variety of greeting cards and prints of my work. My second passion is upcycling furniture, and I will have a small selection of my latest upcycles available to purchase, so please do come and check them out.
7 College Avenue, Fishponds, BS16 2HL

We sell handmade Wooden Crafts, crochet, wax melts & more

Hello, my name is Chelsea. Me and my mum (Kim) are the faces behind MollyBox gifts. We make handmade wooden gifts, decorations etc, we are also stockists of Bunty's chalk paints and do lots more! We also make and sell wax melts, Reed Diffusers etc! There will also be a lady selling her crochet gifts.
61 Uplands Road, Fishponds, BS16 4PW

Contemporary original water colour paintings and greetings cards

Sandra Brain Paintworks, I am a Fishponds based Artist, I will be showing a series of my original contemporary water colour paintings, hand painted greetings cards and bespoke family drawings.
25 North Devon Road, Fishponds, BS16 2EX

Sumptuous botanical art prints and greeting cards

I’m a Chelsea trained artist and art teacher with over ten years experience. I began my art career in the art departments of TV and film, working on productions including Batman, Harry Potter and James Bond. My art prints, greeting cards and bespoke murals come in a range of sumptuous designs inspired by the vibrant colours of the jungle and arid landscapes of the desert, and are made up of exotic plants, tropical flowers, cacti and jewel like birds, and showcase my passion for bold contrasting colours, shapes and textures.
20 Elmgrove Road, Fishponds, BS16 2AX

Blunt, sassy and colourful artwork by a blunt, sassy queen

David Hyde Fierce is the pseudonym of artist Eloise Edwards, who is all about making life that little bit more bearable. Whether it's bringing explosions of colour, gallows humour, or just a big old smile, David Hyde Fierce is here to spread the joy (however nihilistic it may be!). It all started with creating artwork onto pages from old and broken books, and has since evolved to include digital art, tea towels, greetings cards, celebrity prayer candles and plenty more to come. The golden rule: if it's not fun, it's not fierce!
407 Fishponds Road (Knowsley Road entrance), BS16 2AD

Prints, paintings and lamp shades of the built environment

I draw and paint the built environment in Bristol and beyond...even directly onto lampshades!
376a Fishponds Road, Fishponds, BS5 6RB

Beautiful hand-crafted scented candles, ceramics, handmade silver jewellery

I'm Nikki, a lover of candles, and so I created my business during Lockdown 2020 making scented candles using essential oils and eco-friendly wax setting them in re-usable tins and hand-thrown ceramics for something beautiful to look at as well as gorgeous to smell. And I've restarted my silversmithing so am also selling elegant and fun handmade silver & beaded earrings.
376a Fishponds Road, Fishponds, BS5 6RB

A variety of handcrafted macrame items

My name is Ellie, Natural Knots has a variety of different macrame products including pot hangers, small wall hangings, key chains and for the festive season some lovely tree decorations. Made with different styles and fabulous colours to brighten up your home.
7 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG

Eco-conscious handmade
embroidered comedy cards

Made using recycled card, unbleached cotton and corn starch packaging each card is digitally embroidered and finished by hand by Siân in her Bristol studio.
Siân’s quirky cards come from everyday and current happenings – they are not for the easily offended!
7 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG

Diane Appleyard


Cards and prints using dry-point, etching and collagraph

Hi! My name's Sarah, I'm a mum of two girls and love collecting sea glass! I make handmade jewellery using sea glass collected from beaches around the South West coast. I also use wire wrapping and wire art to add nature inspired silver details to my jewellery.
7 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG

Willow and hedgerow basketry

Hello, I weave Westcountry willow and local hedgerow to create unique baskets and woven pieces. I love the blend of traditional basketry and found materials. I also enjoy playing with the fluid shapes willow allows me to form. Recently, angels have emerged!
7 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG

Christmas Gift Sets of all things Bath, Body & Home

Handcrafted in Fishponds, M.I.F Soap Co is on a mission to make fabulously scented, skincare and all-round lovely Bath, Body and Home products from soap to wax melts to body butter and more.
7 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG

Original Paint Pouring Abstract Art and gifts

Colourful framed abstract art on canvas. I love to create Art that I would like on my walls and each piece is completely unique, I also create jewellery and gifts from my art.
7 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG

Handmade wooden decorations and gifts, cards and tags

I hand make wooden figures of all ethnicities as decorations for gifts or for your home. Each item is unique and often made especially for you as I am happy to take commissions. I will have a selection of ready-made items, Christmas decorations and gifts available to buy on the day, alongside examples of my bespoke work. You can see examples of my work on Facebook and Instagram.
8 Pound Drive, Fishponds, BS16 2EG


Popular pub serving real ales, premium lagers, ciders and good food

Reopened in December 2010 after an extensive refurbishment, Derrick and his team are kindly welcoming 5 of our traders in prime location.

"The Cross Hands aims to be a stand-out pub in our local area, we have talented kitchen staff creating scrumptious pub classics and innovative dishes with fresh food on a seasonally changing menu.
We also boast a newly revamped and extended wine list, a selection of hand-selected real ales, premium lagers and ciders, an extensive back bar with a wide range of premium spirits and a friendly front-of-house team creating an inviting atmosphere with plenty to enjoy."CROSS HANDS PUB, Fishponds, BS16 5AA

Handmade functional ceramics - tattoo-inspired and Raku-fired

Emma's passion is creating high quality, functional ceramics on the potter's wheel. She combines beautiful, ergonomic forms with colourful hand-decorated designs inspired by tattoo iconography, vintage style and pop culture. Emma believes that handmade ceramics are an everyday luxury that we should all be able to enjoy. Everyone gravitates towards a favourite mug for their tea, or bowl for their breakfast, and her aim is for her work to be that favourite thing. Emma also has an interest in Raku firing and decoration, exploring the interplay between controlled line patterns and the chaos of crackle and smoke that the process creates. She works from her home studio in Bristol.
CROSS HANDS PUB, Fishponds, BS16 5AA

Bristol-based artist drawing animals with attitude, charm and character

I draw animals with attitude, charm and character! These are mainly based on friends' and family's pets and favourite animals. I mainly use cross-hatching techniques to achieve fine detail and tone, as well as other media to add colour and variation.
CROSS HANDS PUB, Fishponds, BS16 5AA

Original paintings and prints of land and seascapes

Bristol-based artist working in acrylics and mixed media focusing on nature and landscapes around the Southwest.
CROSS HANDS PUB, Fishponds, BS16 5AA

Hand-painted doors for magical wee folk, unique and original art cards and prints

I’m Sarah, very happy when I’ve got a pen or paintbrush in my hand. Wanting to create and share my makings. Working on some special little doors so you can invite the fairies, gnomes and other magical little beings into your world ❤️

CROSS HANDS PUB, Fishponds, BS16 5AA

Sterling silver and brass jewellery. Beautiful, unique and completely handmade

I make silver and brass jewellery from my home and love every second of it! Each piece I make is unique and created with love and inspiration from the world around me.
CROSS HANDS PUB, Fishponds, BS16 5AA

Snuffy Jack's Alehouse

Home to one of our weekly pop-up shops and a favourite local for many!

Snuffy Jack's is a cosy micropub in the heart of the Fishponds community, offering real ale straight from the barrel, traditional ciders, wines and a selection of gins & soft drinks of course.We were so happy when the world to get back to normal, welcome back our wonderful customers & have a proper pint inside us!

Original prints and drawings. Cards, gifts, stocking fillers and more!

"I'm an artist and printmaker inspired by nature, especially in the local area like Vassals Park and Snuff Mills including a range of scientific studies and microscopic imagery. I also do more commercial products such as gift cards, notebooks, mugs, scarves etc. using images from my original works."

48 Cassell Road, Fishponds, BS16 5DE

Contemporary colourful abstract art, vintage clothing, sweet and savoury treats

39 Downend Road, Fishponds, BS16 5AR

Intriguing artwork, collages and objects.

The Curious Cabinet is the place to come to fire up the creative in you, Sadie Spikes Studio, Creative Coaching and Alternative Art School are all based here. Please see the website for one on one coaching and Anti Art classes if you are in need of some creative inspiration.

35 Downend Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AR

At IH Interiors we create beautiful wide range of styles bespoke interior design projects, specialising in tailored interiors for residential developments.

Founded in 2018 by visionary interior designer Inna Hart, we have developed a diverse portfolio of exceptional projects from across the South West of England. Our ability to work closely with our clients, incorporating their needs while creating characterful, functional and timeless interiors, has fostered a loyal clientele.Our technical and creative range incorporates prime residential homes and developments, offices and hospitality businesses. No matter the scale of the project, for each we craft an entirely distinct concept and design narrative to aligned with our client’s vision, ensuring that no project is ever the same.Working from our newly decorated Bristol-based Interior Design Studio, we offer our office space to local creatives and local businesses as a co-working space. We also work with local property developers on various residential and commercial projects.
IH STUDIOWe are very proud to present our newly redecorated IH Studio - we are hoping to create a local creative community hub for fellow designers to use as their base and work within the creative environment by working at our Studio. W offer spare desk space on hot-desking agile working basis at very flexible rates, we also offer meeting / event spaces (availability dependant). IH Studio is based in a very convenient location, with a lot of car parking space around the studio and convenient public transport connections. More information on location, contacts and rates is available on our website
Inna Hart Interiors, 145 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AG

Eco-conscious home décor. Linen cushions, wall art, mugs and cards

Hi, I’m Stefanie. I’m a graphic designer and I create modern, colourful designs for home décor. At my booth you can find linen cushions, mugs, cards, and prints of my designs.
I started my current design line GREEN VIBES a year ago. My goal was to create designs that bring joy and colourfulness into everyone’s home. At the same time, I wanted to make sure to only use eco-friendly materials and work with UK-based production partners. The GREEN VIBES designs are inspired by my love for nature and trips around the world.
Inna Hart Interiors, 145 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AG

Prints of artworks and examples of original pets and portraits

I am a self-taught artist and maker that enjoys any creative challenge. I have created dozens of bespoke paintings and artworks.
Inna Hart Interiors, 145 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AG

Home sewn gifts and other crafty makes!

Marilyn Grace Gifts offers a variety of home-sewn gifts and items such as ornamental sock animals, bunting and baby shoes. I hope you will see something you like; I can also sometimes accommodate a small number of customised items so feel free to ask!

Inna Hart Interiors, 145 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AG

Vibrant and colourful abstract paintings

Amy paints colourful and vibrant abstract paintings, applying acrylic paint and sometimes mixed media to create a rich surface texture with many layers, using pattern and contrast to add depth and to lead the eye across the canvas.
Inna Hart Interiors, 145 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AG

Needle felted pin cushions, cute animals and trinkets

Susy and I started needle felting as a hobby several years ago. We make all manner of animals and keepsakes, mainly at the request of others. Our animal keepsakes have found their way to homes all over the world but we're always busy making new ones and adding to the menagerie! This year we will also introduce a series of wet-felted pebble vessels to accompany our animals.
Inna Hart Interiors, 145 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, BS16 5AG


Watercolour illustrations of animals. Art prints, cards, mugs and more

My name’s Jem and I love to draw. I create ink and watercolour illustrations inspired by the natural world featuring animals, landscapes, oceans and galaxies. My designs are available as prints, cards, mugs and more. When I’m not painting, you’ll find me climbing, hiking or drinking tea.
11 Clarence Avenue, Staple Hill BS16 5SP

Proudly boasting the title of South Gloucester's first micropub

Home to our pop-up shop on Thursdays, Dave at the Wooden walls has supported us throughout the pandemic and continues to by letting us use his micropub weekly.

Dog friendly. A comfortable meeting place perfect for social banter & discussion. Offering locally sourced Real Ales, Ciders, Wines and a little Gin. Pleasantly furnished with a single bar lined with wooden walls and a small rear garden. Drinks for sale are displayed on a large blackboard that surrounds the serving hatch. As well as at least four, (usually five) but sometimes up to 10 real ales two craft keg beers, craft cans, real ciders, several gins and wines are sold. No lager. December beer festival. Toilets are up three or four steps. Conversation is king and mobile phones tolerated if silent.
30 Broad Street, Staple Hill, BS16 5NU

Danielle Neill creates bold and expressive abstract paintings using acrylic

25 Lower Station Road, Staple Hill, BS16 4LT

Lucy is a mixed media artist specialising in printmaking and collage. She builds and prints on to recycled cans, and textiles

She trained in Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art. Lucy has been developing her own hybrid printmaking technique on to aluminium cans. The very action of using waste material within art is a comment on the current state of the environment. Her work is fun, playful and vivid in colours.
25 Lower Station Road, Staple Hill, BS16 4LT

Bristol street scenes & gifts made using embroidery, collage & laser cut

Original artwork and prints made using weathered, pixelated and layered billboard posters salvaged from the heart of the city. Formed into Bristol street scenes using collage and embroidery. Notepads, flower presses and gifts made using laser cut and embroidery.
25 Lower Station Road, Staple Hill, BS16 4LT

Handmade ceramics

25 Lower Station Road, Staple Hill, BS16 4LT

Christmas light decorations hanging bottle art

Hand painted, upcycled bottle light decorations made by Lauren.
25 Lower Station Road, Staple Hill, BS16 4LT

Delicious local honey from Bristol

Cold filtered Raw local honey just as the makers intended. Bees know best after all!
97 Charnhill Drive, Staple Hill, BS16 9JS

Needle felted animal and bird sculptures

I’ve been needle felting for 8 years and love creating lifelike animal sculptures. My popular workshops were previously selling out in venues such as Westonbirt Arboretum and during the last year, they have been running successfully via zoom. I’ve enjoyed making a huge variety of commissions including a life-size dodo and owls.
17 Ducie Rd, Staple Hill, BS16 5JZ

Pebble art, pictures, cards and paintings

I love using natural materials to produce tactile pebble pictures and cards. I also enjoy using acrylic paint on pebbles and paintings. Driftwood and sea glass are also materials I love to use.
17 Ducie Rd, Staple Hill, BS16 5JZ

Handpoured Soy Wax Candles, soy wax melts and other luxury home fragrance products. Vegan friendly

"Beautiful hand-poured soy wax candles, wax melts and other luxury home fragrance products such as reed diffusers. All of our products are hand-poured and beautifully fragranced with the finest fragrance oils. They are vegan-friendly. All hand-poured in our little workshop in Bristol. "
25 Ducie Rd, Staple Hill, BS16 5JZ

Jewellery - Kiln Fired Dichroic Glass, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal

I am a magpie. I love anything colour changing, iridescent, Multi tonal or sparkly. I create jewellery reflecting this from a variety of metals.
25 Ducie Road, Staple Hill, BS16 5JZ

NMB Upcycling

Upcycled glass lights, paintings, clay figures, bird teacup feeders

Upcycling coffee jars to create stunning lights. Birdfeeder teacups, flow art canvases and paintings, and clay figures.
10 Ducie Road, Staple Hill, BS16 4TD

Children's Knitwear and bags

I am Bernadette, I enjoy craft work, particularly knitting and sewing and I make children's garments including jumpers, hats and scarves. I like to sell my pieces to help raise money for charity.
Rest Haven, Narrow Lane, Staple Hill, BS16 4SW

Paper and Needlecraft, acrylic pens, Christmas decorations and greetings cards

We are a family of crafters, each working in a different media. Nina specialises in paper and needlecraft creating fabulous hand-sewn Christmas decorations, Luggage Identifiers, decoupage pictures and greetings cards. Pat specialises in resin, creating keyrings, Christmas decorations and refillable diaries. Brian specialises in wood and acrylic, creating fantastic hand-turned pens, which would make an ideal gift for anyone.
Rest Haven, Narrow Lane, Staple Hill, BS16 4SW

Bean Tree Cafe and the Nest event hire Space. A welcoming space for all to enjoy!

Home to the monthly artisan market around the clock tower. Bean Tree Cafe offers high-quality food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Come sit and enjoy the park view with a coffee and cake or grab an ice cream for the kids. We also have a community space for hire called The Nest. Perfect for private parties and classes.

BEAN TREE CAFE, Page Park, Staple Hill

Watercolour illustrations inspired by nature. Prints, orginals, cards, mugs, jewellery

Originally from Snowdonia, Abi Eleri finds her inspiration from the natural world. From mountains high to oceans deep, from enchanted forests to outer space, expect illustrations inspired by wildlife and animals. Abi's artistic voice focuses on our precious connections to nature. Available as originals, prints, greetings cards, enamel and bone china mugs and even some cosmos inspired jewellery, there is a unique gift here for everyone.
THE SENSORY GARDEN, Page Park, Staple Hill

Delicious sweet and savoury treats

The Cosy Kitchen offers sweet and savoury baked treats, plus themed hot chocolate kits and chocolate lollies for the perfect stocking fillers.

THE SENSORY GARDEN, Page Park, Staple Hill

Macrame earrings and ornaments, pyrography necklaces and other handmade gifts

Hello, my name is Crystal and I handmake gifts using macrame, wood burning and painting. I am particularly inspired by nature and this is reflected through the use of natural materials such as wood, stones cotton cord and wool. I create unique jewellery, ornaments as well things that engage children's imaginative play like story stones - there's something for everyone at my stall!

THE SENSORY GARDEN, Page Park, Staple Hill

Prints, textiles and memory bears

A range of hand
-crafted pieces including bespoke memory bears from loved ones clothes, textiles and Lino prints.

THE SENSORY GARDEN, Page Park, Staple Hill


Beautiful handmade sterling silver jewellery & gifts

I hand make a range of solid sterling silver jewellery using traditional hand forged techniques. I enjoy working with gemstones and exploring texture and simple forms, as well as more decorative finishes. Many of my pieces use of hand stamped lettering, which lends itself towards bespoke, personalised commission pieces.
2 Cherry Grove, Mangotsfield, BS16 9DS

Oil paintings including portraits, still life’s and accepting commissions

Hello, I’m Tom, an Artist living and working in Bristol. I primarily paint representational work in Oil, I have been painting most of my life and it brings me great joy.
13 Windsor Place, Mangotsfield, BS16 9DB

Individually made glass cabochon jewellery

Since recent retirement I’ve started making individually decorated glass cabochon jewellery from home. I’m very easy to find as I live directly opposite Tesco Express in Mangotsfield. Do come and browse and say hello.
2 St James Place, Mangotsfield, BS16 9JA

Refinished vintage furniture for sale and commission

Jade refinishes and upcycles vintage furniture, using high-quality materials for a professional, lasting finish. She sells her pieces across the UK, and is available for commissions, as well as having pieces available to buy now.
51 Mangotsfield Road, Mangotsfield, BS16 5NB


Handmade concrete homewares and decor

Local maker, crafting handmade concrete homewares and decor. Offering trays, planters & pots, decor and wall art all lovingly made in South Bristol.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Natural, eco-friendly cosmetics with extraordinary benefits, lovingly handmade in Bristol

Cachito is Mercedes & Max. We lovingly make natural, handmade, eco-friendly cosmetics that don't cost the earth. We specialise in soaps, shampoos, deodorants, bath bombs, lip balms, muscle balms, plus many more products, and we have beautiful gift baskets perfect for your loved ones as Christmas gifts.
All ingredients are 100% natural & biodegradable, and are carefully chosen for their fantastic medicinal properties. All products are carefully handcrafted completely from scratch in micro-batches in our flat in Bedminster. We are completely plastic-free and our products come in biodegradable or recyclable packaging, or are packaging-free. Come and feel the difference - your skin, body, soul, and the planet will thank you for it!
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Original watercolour and pen and ink artworks and cards

Original pen and ink and watercolour artwork, ranging from hand-drawn cards and miniature artworks in vintage matchboxes up to poster-sized bespoke pieces. All artwork is original and never reprinted.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Bristol illustrated prints, cards, wrap, gifts & homewares

Dona Bradley is an illustrator who loves drawing Bristol buildings. She is the person behind the scenes at dona B drawings and enjoys using her illustrations to produce fabulous prints, cards, gifts & homewares so that you can take a piece of Bristol colour home with you.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Handmade sea glass jewellery with nature inspired wire art details

Hi! My name's Sarah, I'm a mum of two girls and love collecting sea glass! I make handmade jewellery using sea glass collected from beaches around the South West coast. I also use wire wrapping and wire art to add nature inspired silver details to my jewellery.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Enchanted nature loving colourful upcycled accessories, fashion, jewellery, homeware & decor

Alison from All Is Sun Creations handmakes unique nature & magic inspired upcycled creations, celebrating the beauty & colours of nature with harm to none, by using eco-conscious techniques & materials.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Unique, colourful, wirework and handsewn beaded gifts and accessories

I love making colourful, unusual, home decorations, hair accessories and jewellery for keepsake gifts and special occasions. They are inspired by nature, everything vintage and colour, colour, colour! Each creation is made with high-quality glass beads and crystal elements and either hand-sewn one bead at a time or made by twisting materials into floral shapes on wire. All the items are my own designs and the majority are one-of-a-kind so unique.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Handmade faux-leather bound notebooks, bookmarks and greeting cards

All of my products are based around taking a moment for yourself, be that journaling, reading or writing a card to a friend.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Collagraph, drypoint etchings inspired by abstraction, nature and Christmas

"A selection of collagraph and drypoint prints and cards created by the KEY STAGE 3 STUDENTS at Mangotsfield Secondary School.
Collagraphs inspired by the relationship between abstract art and music. Drypoint prints exploring natural forms. Festive printed Christmas cards, designed and printed by the students in the Art Leadership group. The students are delighted to have the opportunity to sell their artwork to the public in our second BSpoke16 Art trail.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Colourful, expressive abstract landscape paintings and prints

The inspiration for my art is grounded in nature; observing and responding to a sense of place, particularly more wild and abandoned places, both around my local environment discovered on walks and rambles, and from my adventures around the world over the past few years which have always been accompanied by my travel pack of paints and small sketchbooks.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Bespoke bags and homeware made using preloved and vintage fabric

Inspired by both the natural world and recycling I work with textiles, creating bespoke items using preloved fabrics. Using mainly denim and vintage fabrics I create a range of bags and unique and functional homeware. Each piece has a distinctive style, is individually designed and lovingly hand crafted.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH

Nature inspired fused glass, birds, sea life, animals, Christmas decorations

Two friends who love the working with glass. We are inspired by the relationship between light and colour; which can be captured through the use of glass. Each piece has hand painted elements or hand-cut copper inclusions exploring fleeting moments in nature. Our work includes mermaids, woodland animals, bees, birds and sea life. We love Christmas and have created decorations to celebrate the beauty and fun of the Christmas season.
Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH


Bristol beekeeper handmade beeswax products

I'm a Bristol beekeeper and make my own beeswax products. My handcreams and lip balms are made with herbs I grow myself and my own beeswax. My candles are 100% beeswax which means they have a long burn time and do not produce soot. I have great gift sets which include honey.
4 Chestnut Road, Downend, BS16 5UN

Beautiful macramé wall hangings, plant holders, and home decor

"My name is Dominique and I hand craft macramé wall hangings, plant holders and other unique items for the home. I have a range of designs in beautiful colours, and high-quality Bobbiny cords. Each piece is embellished with beads and metallic cords for that finishing touch!
I love creating items personal to you and your home, so bespoke pieces are available upon request 💙🌊"
30 Westerleigh Road, Downend, BS16 6AH

Mustard Cuts

Hand-cut art, laser cut wooden decorations and greetings cards

Hello, I create simple, yet effective and affordable designs that everyone can enjoy. Everything has been designed by myself and I love taking on commissions for those special pressies! On my stall at the trail, you'll find hand-cut paper originals, cards at reasonable prices, laser-cut decorations, and quality prints - some with mini paper cut additions. Karen :-)
28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, BS16 AH

Unique organic cotton t-shirts hand printed with local artist's designs

Mild West Heroes produce a range of unique and quirky adult t-shirts. All designed by independent artists and hand screen-printed onto organic cotton and ethically produced tees, using water-based inks and organic certified pigments.
28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, BS16 6AH

Designed and handcrafted, contemporary jewellery

Jewellery influenced by nature, from the estuary of the Bristol Channel to the wild North Cornwall Coast. I love texture and colour and incorporate both into my designs. Rings, pendants and ear-rings with lovely gemstones to catch the light and reflect the changing seasons. To protect our wonderful world, I am working hard to be as ethical and eco-friendly in both my production and packaging. I use eco-silver, recycled silver and all packaging is acid free, eco friendly and made from recycled t-shirts and plastic! Please come and say hello.
28 Westerleigh Rd, Downend, BS16 6AH

Fused glass decorations & gifts

Having turned our spare bedroom into a workspace ("my studio!") & made space for a kiln in the garage, I have now become a full-time glass artist!
I produce a wide range of fused and stained glass pieces; jewellery, Christmas decorations, candleholders, trinket bowls, plates, suncatchers, garden panels, flowers, birds & much more. I also undertake commissions for one-off, individual creations, personalised pieces and batches of smaller items. I currently have a stall once a month at Hatheralls Yard in Chipping Sodbury and I took part in my first art trail in the summer. I look forward to meeting lots more people on this festive trail.
15 Woodhall Close, Downend, BS16 6AJ

Knitted and crochet product, gnomes, monkeys, hedgehogs and more

The Brambles, 13 Westerleigh Road, Downend, BS16 6UY


Hand made decorative and functional pottery.
The Brambles, 13 Westerleigh Road, Downend, BS16 6UY

Homemade rustic cakes and bakes. Not always fancy but very tasty!

13 Westerleigh Road, Downend, BS16 6UY

New and vintage items with a typographical twist

Hi, I'm Keshia also known as Curly and the creator of Curly Kale Design. I create a range of typography-based products on natural items, such from wood and slate to vintage rustic items like saws and blowtorches. I love finding something old or unloved and giving it a splash of life with text, I mean who doesn't have a favourite quote or song lyrics that just screams to be imprinted onto a battered old rusty oil can?! Right?!
My items are perfect for your own home, or an unusual present for that hard-to-buy person as well as seasonal items available throughout the year. Why not pop over to my shop and have a look - you never know what you'll find!"
71 Boscombe Crescent, Downend, BS16 6QT

Ceramics made by hand and slab building with love :-)

I am a hobby potter and believe that clay is good for your mind, and your soul. All products are created by hand using hand and slab building techniques in my small garden studio.
29 Cleeve Hill Downend, BS16 6ET

Silver Sister

Cross stitch with a twist - sassy and different

This is cross stitch with a twist - deconstructed, reconstructed and sassy. Think feminist, political, subversive and maybe a little bit rude! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips.
31 Cleeve Hill Downend, BS16 6ET

Wooden, hand-turned gifts, individually crafted and unique

Creating something of beauty that will last a lifetime, from a material that might otherwise simply rot away, is a real privilege. I take my inspiration from each piece of wood that I turn. It's only when I hold the wood in my hand that its final shape/purpose is determined. Many of the pieces are turned from wood sourced locally (usually picked up whilst taking my dog "Bear" out for a walk. There's no knowing what I'll have on my BSpoke16 stall ... it depends on what the wood says to me! Having said that, you could reasonably expect to find boxes and bowls, tea-lights and trees, finials and fun things, lots of Christmas stuff ......
31 Cleeve Hill, Downend, BS16 6ET

Unique resin pieces inc coasters, serving boards & much more

I’m Cat & myself & my partner Chris work together creating all kinds of functional pieces with resin & some wood. Our work ranges from keyrings & bookmarks to serving boards & tables, with so much in between! For this exhibition we will have lots of Christmas gift ideas as well & tree decorations.
25 Sandringham Avenue, Downend, BS16 6NQ

Cards and gifts for all occasions

Like many people, the bears had to delay their wedding due to Covid, but it's now going ahead - Holly bear is a special guest, and she's brought some penguins with her. They hope more friends will be joining them! I've also got some new Christmas card and gift tag designs, and am working on a selection of festive table mats. And masks are still available.
39A Cleeve Park Road, Downend, BS16 6DW

Delicious home-baked brownies and cupcakes

Hi, I'm Jo and I started my baking business less than a year ago. I have always loved baking and so when I had my son I decided to bake delicious brownies and cupcakes from home. I bake for lots of occasions, such as birthdays and hen parties, as well as 'just because' treats because we all know someone who needs one of those!
71 Sutherland Avenue, Downend, BS16 6QW

Photography, Prints and more!

Young photographer, who recently finished a foundation course, selling prints and framed photographs in various sizes.

1 Farm Court, Downend, BS16 6DE

Eco friendly crochet products for all ages

Little Koala Bubbles provides sustainable alternatives to disposable products so that you can reduce your waste because being kind to our planet should be easy. We specialise in beauty products but also love to make everything from decorative items to hair clips.
12 Shrubbery Road, Downend, BS16 5TB

Homemade vegan Candles, Wax Melts, Soaps, Bath Salts, Xmas Gifts

Hi, my names Eloise and I own a small local business selling homemade, natural products! I started at the beginning of lockdown as a little hobby but it has grown into a thriving business! Come check out my products if you love candles and bath products… perfect for Christmas gifts!
44 Oakdale Court, Downend, BS16 6DU

Glass decorations, jewellery and prints

Hand-made glass decorations and hangings, jewellery and prints. A picture framing service is also available.
283 Badminton Road, Downend, BS16 6NU



34 Bromley Drive, Bromley Heath, BS16 6JQ

Judith Price

Christmas decorations and gifts

Retired childminder whose hobby is making Christmas decorations, dolls clothes and gifts.
123 Oakdale Road, Downend, BS16 6EG

Handmade crafts and jewellery and printed post cards

I am an art student studying three dimensional art and design. I enjoy creating beautiful things in a huge range of materials.
19 Christchurch Avenue, Downend, BS16 5TG

Dark and Mysterious Prints and Cards

Maddie Blanchard is an artist who loves the dark and mysterious. The only thing that scares her is Landfill and Marine Debris. All her packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.
19 Christchurch Avenue, Downend, BS16 5TG

Handmade Bath Bombs, Wonder Bars and Shower Steamers

"The story of Bath Funk...
It started when me and my son started making bath bombs for fun in the kitchen, my son has Autism and likes the sensory experience making the bath bombs with his hands, it’s also quite relaxing especially for him. So here we are today, I’m a CPSR approved bath bomb maker along with my handy helper Lucas 👍 he gives me fantastic ideas all the time (he especially wanted the Dinosaur to be Bubblegum scent!) All our products are Cruelty-Free with 95% of the packaging being eco friendly (I am always sourcing new material for my packaging to get to 100% eco friendly very soon 👍
Thank you everyone for supporting our small business ✌️"
53 Rushy Way, Emersons Green, BS16 7ER


Botanical inspired products from Christmas baubles to my original realistic paper flowers.

If you love all things flowers then I am sure you will love Cassie Rogers Designs. I started my little business a few years ago creating realistic crepe paper flowers and my passion for everything botanical hasn't stopped growing ever since. My newest designs (which will be at the arts trail) will include Christmas decorations!

Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Beautiful handcrafted ceramic gifts

I have been involved in Ceramics for over 25 years. I originally trained as a ceramic painter then starting up my own business offering a baby hand printing service onto a range of Ceramics. Over the last few years, I have developed my own range of ceramic gifts and enjoy experimenting with different textures and glazes.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Luxury, ethical, cosmetics and gift sets, handmade in small batches

Luxury cosmetics, handmade, locally, in small batches with care & conscience. All my products are natural, vegan, palm oil-free, and we have a no single-use plastic policy. For every £30 spent, we will donate a soap or a balm to one of our charity partners - The Kingswood Food Bank and the Aid Box Community.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Flower Fairies, witch fairies and macrame wall art

I create little flower fairies and witch fairies, they can be personalised, they are for decoration or a keepsake. Not to be used as a toy. I also make macrame wall art.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Hand Made Wax Melts

Here at The Scent Emporium all of my wax melts are hand-made with love by me. I make them using soy wax, high-quality fragrance oils, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products.
I also stock a beautiful range of wax warmers, reed diffusers, bath bombs and shower whips.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Wooden gifts decorated using pyrography, personalised products available

Wooden gifts decorated using pyrography, personalised products available to order on the day.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Vintage Bunting, Gorgeous Macramé Plant Hangers & Cards

At SukeySueDesigns you will find gorgeous Scalloped Bunting made with vintage & mid-century fabrics, colourful macramé plant hangers, a plant or two & hand illustrated cards.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW

Professional Photographer selling exclusive mugs, calendars, coasters

Professional Photographer Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society. Specialising in event photography. Selling exclusive prints, calendars of Bristol at Night, Mugs, keyrings and fridge magnets.
Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW


Hand-stitched lampshades, upholstery, furnishings, and small handmade gifts

Hand-stitched lampshades, upholstery, and furnishings, as well as small handmade gifts and Christmas items.

Lyde Green Community Centre
Thistle Cl, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, BS16 7GW